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Resilient El Camino Real

What is Resilient El Camino Real? Resilient El Camino Real is a grass-roots, people-powered coalition supporting safe and sustainable multi-modal improvements to El Camino Real in the Bay Area, California.

Kid-Safe, Inclusive Streets

Highest standards of safe, protected bike infrastructure suitable for all ages and abilities. Protected intersections for pedestrians and bikes and clear pleasant sidewalks that are 100% ADA compliant and accessible for everyone.

Fast, Frequent Transit

Bus lanes the entire length of El Camino Real in the Bay Area. Signal prioritization. Accommodating bus shelters in thoughtful locations, equipped with arrival times. Busses arriving every few minutes.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Abundant housing surrounded by lush greenery and tree-lined streets. Easy, inviting walkability to businesses and services.

El Camino Real is a vital regional corridor connecting jobs, schools, homes, and business districts. Unfortunately when opportunities arise to make improvements to El Camino Real, the needs of transit users, bike riders, and pedestrians are all too often ignored. In addition to creating winners and losers out of who gets safe and reliable access to the corridor, this regressive status quo continues to encourage the most violent and climate-change inducing mode of transportation. We must do better for our environment and vulnerable road users.

Join us in demanding a resilient El Camino Real. A better world is possible with a bit of political will, but Caltrans and many City Councils make it clear that they're not so willing to fight for a resilient ECR to meet the needs of everyone. We welcome our local, regional, and state elected leaders to take action to ideals of a resilient El Camino Real, and will hold them accountable when they don't.


Support a Multi-modal El Camino Real in Burlingame.

The City of Burlingame and Caltrans are working together on a once-in-a-lifetime roadway renewal project for El Camino Real. However, each design alternative produced by Caltrans fails to incorporate solutions for sustainable transportation and vulnerable road users like bicyclists. Learn more about this Project and how to take action.

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Burlingame El Camino Real Needs Your Support

We need your voice in telling the Burlingame City Council and Caltrans that the current proposed alternatives for the corridor are unacceptable. This once-in-a-lifetime roadway renewal project must support multi-modality.